Nick is the eldest of four brothers (the younger three being identical triplets) and he grew up near Akron, Ohio. He loves sharing his testimony, as he was once wheelchair-bound from five knee surgeries, spanning 2+ years. During this time he became addicted to prescription painkillers and started taking them recreationally.

One night Nick was in deep prayer with the Lord to get off of drugs and he encountered a supernatural feeling—his body starting tingling with a trembling sensation throughout his whole body. After that moment he became a reborn Christian and has been sober ever since, turning his addiction from drugs into an addiction to fitness.

Nick loves ministering to audiences and posting inspirational videos on YouTube, not only to uplift others, but to help them grow closer with the Lord. Check out Nick’s YouTube & be sure to subscribe to his channel + follow him on any social media platform under @LiftWithChrist.

Nick speaks at churches, youth groups, businesses, & even detox/rehab centers. Communicating passionately he shares his past experiences and what he's learned with a combination of humor and a heartfelt message. Book him today:

Nick's wife Haley is a performer at the Amish Country Theater and ministers alongside him on her time off. Learn more at

Lose the Weight & Keep the Faith

Co-authored by Steve Feazel and Nick Gaglione, Lose the Weight & Keep the Faith is a book on how to combine fitness and Christianity. Governor Mike Huckabee, with whom Steve co-authored The Three C's that made America Great, has endorsed it. 

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